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Here are some of the stories that will keep your audience engaged in our next issue of The Australian Security Magazine:


Close Personal Protection in action
An analysis of the evacuation of Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Australia Day 2012. By Gavriel Schneider CPP

Counter-Terrorism in an Olympic Year, London.
How are UK authorities preparing to keep the Olympics secure and will counter terrorism problems be the only anticipated challenge.

One year on from the death of Osama Bin Laden
The implications of Osama Bin Laden’s (OBL) death for counter terrorism over the longer term.

Massive increase in counterfeit medicine in the Asia Pacific. Described as the crime of the 21st century, the counterfeiting of currency and consumer products are common problems that plague governments and manufacturers throughout most of the Asia Pacific.

A Twenty-First Century Ménage à Trois: China-US-India Relations in the Indian Ocean Region.
Considers judgments regarding future developments in the often complex relations of China, the United States and India, looking towards 2020.

South Korea: National Involvement in the Indian Ocean Region
South Korea has commenced a process of enlarging its strategic reach, which includes the Indian Ocean region.


Trends in Australian threat management – Adjusting to a new normalcy
In recent years Australia and our region have experienced a series of devastating disasters. This article describes the nature and range of recent threats and identifies some emerging trends in managing them.

The Consequences of Rising Sea Levels – Challenges for 21st Century Security Professionals
The forced movement of peoples through war, government action, food politics and now climate change presents one of the greatest threats to identity, culture and community. Two part series.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) First of a Three Part Interview Series

Anthony Thomas – CBRNe Programme Manager, Interpol
What are Interpol’s main strategies to combat CBRNe proliferation worldwide.

Mr. Guy Roberts – (Former) Deputy Assistant Secretary General for WMD Policy, NATO
How prepared is NATO to deal with a WMD attack of one of its member states?

Matthew Foster, Assistant Legal Attache – Regional WMD Liaison (Asia-Pacific) at FBI WMD Directorate
How important was the recent decision not to publicly release scientific information on the H5N1 virus, which could have lead to it being weaponised?

Detention Centres under the spotlight
ASM follows Amnesty International in its inspection of Australian immigration detention centres.
Amnesty International will be casting a spotlight on some of the country’s most remote immigration detention centres as it embarks on a 12-day tour of detention facilities in Christmas Island, Darwin and Western Australia.


Tilded and Future Nation-State Cyber Weapons by Robert M. Lee
In December 2011 the anti-virus company Kaspersky referred to the platform, or base framework and source code, used to create the Stuxnet and Duqu malware as Tilded.  A platform approach to creating malware allows developers to create code that can be modified to utilize different payloads and exploits against a variety of targets.

Effective security in an ‘any device, any place at any time’ business world, by Robert Bird
The desire for on-demand, anywhere, anytime and enhanced enterprise mobility are key factors in this business change. But what does this actually mean for the business environment?

ASM Editor Chris Cubbage interviews Roland Dobbins.
Rolans is Arbor Networks Solutions Architect for Asia-Pacific and the author of the 7th Annual Worldwide Security Infrastructure Report, 2012 which reveals new DDOS threat landscape, attack motives and the first ever IPv6 attack.

ASM Cyber Security Interviews
ASM’s Adeline Teah examines Symantec IT‘s security trends with Craig Scroggie, Vice President & Managing Director of Symantec in the Pacific region  and profiles Andrew Mamonitis, Managing Director Kaspersky Lab Australia & New Zealand.


Beyond the self constructed wall. By Terry Flanders CPP.
A view on how best practice equals a high return on investment and the clashes in an organisational culture.


    • Nicole East – Human Resources Manager at Australian Investigation and Security Management (AISM).
    • Heidi Ng – Regional Security Manager, (Global Security & TM Protection, APAC) at Estee Lauder
    • Rita Parker– Chief Executive  at Innovative Solutions for Security & Resilience


      • Recognising the recipients of the Australian Security Medal
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Our stories engage, entertain and educate.
Contact us today to secure your advertising position (08) 6465 4732 or advertising@mysecurity.com.au


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