International SECON 2014 ends in success thanks to the most number of visitors ever!


p2‘SECON 2014(International Security Conference & Expo 2014:’ and ‘e-Government Information Security Solution Fair 2014(’ that were hosted from March 12 to 14 as if factoring in the general public’s heightened sense of security crisis and increased awareness towards security following continuous personal information leakage incidents these days, ended in success with the attendance of 38,000 visitors, most number ever.

The ‘International Security Conference & Expo 2014’ and ‘e-Government Information Security Solution Fair 2014’, hosted while the attention of all the Koreans is on the ‘security issue’ due to the continuous information leakage from the website for doctors’ association, KT, TMON and three telecommunications companies were the targets of visitors’ immense interest since they enable visitors to experience everything about security ranging from information leakage prevention solution to video image security system at one site.

‘SECON 2014(International Security Conference & Expo 2014)’ is Korea’s only integrated security specialized exhibition where visitors can experience all kinds of solutions for realizing safe society and for ensuring safe digital everyday life including all kinds of security devices such as information protection solutions, video image security system, access control system and measures to protect personal information as interest towards security is increasing due to the recent customer information leakage accidents, and can experience anti-terrorism equipment and intelligent traffic safety system.

In particular, these exhibitions were even more meaningful since security related institutions and organization sponsored them including related organizations such as Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Ministry of Security and Public Administration, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Gyeonggido and autonomous regional entities while other security related organizations and institutions such as Electronics and Telecommunications, the Korean Association of Industrial Security Technology, Korea Council of Chief Information Security Officers. Moreover, these exhibitions provided the opportunity to hold discussions regarding all types of issues that afflict the security industry today. In addition, as the buyers from overseas attended, they praised the sophisticated domestic security equipment and technology levels. Likewise, these exhibitions paved the road for the vitalization of the domestic security industry going forth, and overseas market entry.

The International Security Conference & Expo 2014 caught the attention of the visitors since the number 1 and 2 security companies in Korea, S1 and ADT Caps, respectively participated by renting out large booths in order to showcase cutting edge security equipment and integrated security solution that can manage in an integrated manner.

With the concept of ‘S1’s Day,’ S1 showcased Tech Zone that exhibited diverse products such as Story Zone and S1SVMS (intelligent video image monitoring system), S1ACCESS (integrated access control solution), and integrated security system and the latest detector were general security services that are offered at all times were explained.

Moreover, ADT Caps introduced diverse security solutions including ADT Site Cube, customized type of integrated building management solution that controls security, building and energy all at once, ADT Viewguard that monitors mobile and PC remotely utilizing impeccable real-time monitoring and Internet via high quality images, ADT OctaNet that controls network security effectively with high function UTM equipment and 24 hour monitoring service, and Smart Security ADT Cam that manages security and energy remotely via smart phone and Internet.

Likewise, this exhibition in which 350 companies from 8 nations participated, renting 700 booths showcased latest security products since leaders of the domestic security market such as S1 and ADT Caps and global security companies participated. Moreover, diverse conferences that were hosted at the same time provided the opportunity to examine the latest security trends in 2014 at a glance.

Moreover, diverse information protection solutions of the ‘e-government’ that is ranked number 1 in the world were introduced including the civil affairs related services for the general public. Furthermore, ‘e-Government Information Security Solution Fair(’ was hosted at the same time to publicize the IT security technological ability of Korea which is an IT superpower.

During the e-Government Information Security Solution Fair that is celebrating its third year this year, Ministry of Security and Public Administration and Gyeonggido put on PR booths to introduce all types of guidelines and measures for realizing safe e-government and introduced outstanding case studies on the e-government information protection. Through this, practical guideline was produced to the working level security related professionals. In addition, this was considered an excellent opportunity to compare information protection solutions and to experience them directly in line with the launch of the e-government projects. Moreover, purchasing personnel at the government offices and public institutions who are the members of the Meeting of Public Sector Purchasers that is a joint sponsor for this event participated in large numbers to attend lectures on the security issues, and to hold discussions on the many issues that may rise when adopting security solutions.

‘International Security Conference & Expo 2014 & e-Government Information Security Solution Fair 2014’ that ended in success on the 14th with the attendance of 38,000 visitors, most number ever, consolidated its position as the forum for security festival where the security professionals to gather together to discuss all types of security issues and to search for security measures. As such, this increased general public’s security awareness and helped to see that the future of the domestic security market is bright. Above all, numerous buyers from both in and out of Korea attended, and this became the form for this integrated international security exhibition that represents Asia to present continual sustainability of the ‘International Security Conference & Expo.’


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