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Thought we’d share this for the interest of all in the industry. Standards spelt out by APS to staff and amongst others delivered via the APS Facebook page.


Be advised that when you work for us there are expectations regarding your dress & personal hygiene standards, we all deserve the right to work with those that take a care and pride in their appearance and do not deserve to work alongside of others that do not.
When you attend and APS shift the following is required without exception unless I have authorised a change in uniform for that day by way of Text, e-mail or other written format.

The Uniform is as follows…

General Employee Positions:

Blue or Black APS Polo Shirt or White Business Shirts
Black Business Trousers (Not Shorts, Jeans Or Cargoes)
Black Business Socks & Shoes
Black Belt

Supervisor & Manager Positions:

Blue or Black APS Business Shirt
Alternatively a White business shirt should you not have an APS one
Black Business Trousers (Not Shorts, Jeans Or Cargoes)
Black Business Socks & Shoes
Black Belt
Black Suit Jacket to be brought with you in case of the need for that event/function/position requirement.

All Managers, Supervisors & Employees:

No Eyebrow, Nose, Lip or other Facial Piercings
Arm Tattoos are to be covered by a long sleeved shirt if Req

Personal Hygiene:

All employees are to be showered, wear deodorant, be clean shaven or have facial hair trimmed and head hair neat and tidy prior to attending a shift, your appearance is the difference between APS and the many others out there.

We dress well we feel better for the effort made, we feel better we present better and we do a better job – simple really !

In General:

This is a difficult conversation to have so I will spell it out so that should a person attend that does not fit the criteria above they will be sent home without a shift if we have a spare to do so, you will not be compensated for the lost shift as you have not attended in correct uniform which is your requirement and responsibility and you may well not be selected for future shifts !

I know for the most part the majority of our team will understand this and the need however, for some I need to clearly spell it out so i have done so.

These expectations have no alternative, if you work for APS then you will agree and make the effort 🙂



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