UXC signs Senetas partner agreement to deliver Australian data security solutions


UXC Limited has announced its partnership with Senetas as part of a strategic initiative to provide Australian government agencies, defence and large corporations with tailored data security solutions and services.

The partnership brings together the certified high-speed, defence-grade encryptors of Senetas with UXC’s end-to-end ICT offering of advisory, consulting, and network infrastructure services and makes this solution available to UXC’s Australian government and commercial customer base.

Senetas, an Australian public listed company (ASX: SEN), specialises in protecting data as it is transmitted across networks whilst retaining maximum network performance. Senetas products are the world’s only triple-certified encryptors of (Common Criteria (Australia and international), FIPS (US) and CAPS (UK) certification – for government and defence use) and protect much of the world’s most sensitive data.

Cris Nicolli, managing director, UXC, said, “It is often assumed that data networks are inherently safe, but as the list of organisations affected by cyber-attacks continues to grow, it is clear that no company is immune. Data networks are vulnerable to security breaches. To be protected from a data network breach, cyber-attack or innocent routing error, organisations need strong encryption products.

“We expect that our ability to offer an Australian developed and manufactured security solution will be a strong selling point for government and defence agencies as well as corporates across Australia. Our partnership with Senetas will complement and extend UXC’s position as a leader in network integration and as a trusted services provider to our customers that will further add to our reputation as innovating in collaboration with key partners.”

Senetas CEO, Andrew Wilson, said, “With the number of data network breaches on the rise, we’re encouraging both the business and government sectors to understand that the true cost of data breaches extends beyond regulatory penalties, and often includes financial losses, the damage to reputation and trust, and loss of intellectual property. Businesses must be proactive in protecting their customers’ data and aware that they will be held accountable when that data is compromised.”

“Maximising our local R&D is helping us meet the rapidly growing needs of new customers around the world and making encryption more cost effective and easier to implement than ever before. Our partnership with UXC will help provide businesses with a data security solution that will drive results in a secure, sophisticated environment,” said Andrew Wilson.

“This is another exciting opportunity for UXC and one that will provide increased prospects for both UXC and Senetas in the market. We look forward to building a more secure and protected environment for our customers.” said Cris Nicolli.


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