UL’s Collis Brand Test Tool is ready for MasterCard M-TIP 2.0


UL LogoUL is proud to announce that its Collis Brand Test Tool is ready for testing of both contact and contactless payment terminals according to MasterCard’s M-TIP 2.0 quality assurance process.

Acquirers implementing a new payment terminal connected to the MasterCard network are required by MasterCard to perform a successful Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP). This process is designed to test a payment terminal integrated in its acquirer environment. Therefore, the M-TIP process tests, in a simulated MasterCard environment, the terminal, the acquirer host system and any intermediate node.

The new release of the Collis Brand Test Tool is qualified by MasterCard to simulate the latest MasterCard card images for contact and contactless M-TIP. In addition, the tool provides clear user guidance and automates the test execution by automatically analyzing the test results and updating all the required information in MasterCard’s M-TIP 2.0 Test Selection Engine (TSE) application, helping acquirers to send the test results for validation. This makes the Collis Brand Test Tool the all-in-one brand certification tool for MasterCard M-TIP.

“UL continues to provide high quality test tools for the payment market. We are confident that our customers will benefit from this qualification as it will help them reduce the time to market, ease their M-TIP testing, and increase their confidence during the MasterCard implementation,” adds Maxim Dyachenko, Manager Service Line Test Tools at UL Transaction Security.”

The Collis Brand Test Tool optimizes the test execution process by means of test automation, card simulation and appropriate authorization host behavior for the major payment brands. It also provides full insight in the technical details of the communication between the card and the terminal on the one side and between the terminal and the network on the other side. This allows a tester to gain detailed insight in the behavior of the system from end-to-end. Through the MyCollis service portal, the tool is always up to date with the latest requirements and specifications from the payment schemes.

In addition, UL is accredited by MasterCard as a MasterCard Formal Approval Service Provider for M-TIP and CPV services. Together with MasterCard qualified testing/certification tools, UL is offering a full service which covers the entire scope to ensure an efficient and effective MasterCard approval process to successfully implement new payment cards, mobile & cloud-based payment applications, payment terminals, and ATMs.

The Collis test tool portfolio is developed by UL. For further information, please visit www.ul-ts.com


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