UL’s cloud-based payment test tool confirmed for Visa Ready Program


UL LogoUL is pleased to announce that its cloud-based functional test tool is the first tool to receive official approval from Visa.

The Collis Visa Cloud-based Functional Test Suite, developed by UL, implements the Visa Cloud-based Payments Contactless Specification (VCPCS v1.4) through Visa’s related VCPCS test plan. This functional test suite helps Visa card issuers and 3rd party application developers in testing and approval of their Visa payWave mobile payment applications implemented as a Host-based Card Emulation (HCE) compatible mobile application.

Emerging payment partners, such as mobile device manufacturers, wallet (service) providers and mobile network operators, are increasingly connected to the payments world. To make it easier for these new players to navigate the complexities of the payments ecosystem, Visa operates the Visa Ready Program. This program provides innovators a path for the approval of devices, software and select solutions used to initiate or accept Visa payments using mobile systems. In 2013, UL was the first test lab authorized by Visa to conduct testing and approval of mPOS solutions for the Visa Ready Program.

As part of the Visa Ready Program, Visa defined a self-approval framework for cloud-based payment application developers. For this purpose, UL developed the Collis Visa Cloud-based Functional Test Suite, covering all test cases defined in Visa’s VCPCS test plan, which has now formally received Visa’s confirmation.

“UL continues to improve and expand the Collis test tool portfolio by developing high quality test tools for the payment and mobile markets. UL is proud to be the first that can offer an officially confirmed test tool that can be used for self-approval by cloud-based payment application developers, as part of the Visa Ready Program,” said Maxim Dyachenko, Manager Service Line Test Tools at UL’s Transaction Security division.

Visa has introduced its new cloud-based payment specification allowing Host-based Card Emulation (HCE) mobile applications that can run without a need of using a secure element. This enables a mobile payment application to run directly in the mobile device’s application processor communicating with a contactless reader over the NFC communication protocol while supporting the Visa payWave transaction flow.

Based on the VCPCS v1.4 specifications and related test specifications defined by Visa, UL developed the Collis Visa Cloud-based Functional Test Suite to cover all Visa payWave transactions and test card image definitions. Every test case runs as a fully automated script to perform the checks as defined by Visa. Card issuers can use the test suite to perform a pre-approval on their Visa payWave payment products. The tool supports the Visa defined JSON based personalization sequence to allow unattended automated testing.

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