Two arrested at Fairfield on terrorism offences


crest_conventionalTwo men will appear in Fairfield Court in relation to serious terrorism related offences following a major NSW Joint Counter Terrorism (JCTT) operation in Sydney.

Operation ‘CASTRUM’ is a NSW Police Force led Joint Counter Terrorism Team Sydney Office investigation into the alleged activities of two men at Fairfield.

The men, aged 24 and 25 years old were arrested yesterday at a house in Riverview Road at Fairfield, just after four o’clock yesterday afternoon.

The men have been charged with Acts done in preparation, for ,or planning terrorists acts.

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said it will be alleged that the two were going to undertake an act of terrorism in Australia as revenge for incidents overseas.

“We will be alleging that the two men were well advanced in their preparations.”

“As a result of the police activities yesterday a number of items were seized and will be included as part of our evidence in court, and include a video recording, a flag, a machete and a hunting knife,” Deputy Commissioner Burn said.

Officers involved in Operation CASTRUM included police from the Joint Counter Terrorism Team Sydney and members of the Tactical Operations Unit.

Searches were also conducted at the residence, as well as a motor vehicle, and where the men work.

Deputy Commissioner Burn added that yesterday’s arrests are a strong signal to the community.

“We are not just watching. We are ready, willing and more than able to respond to disrupt the plans of those who think they can engage in what can only be described as hideous offences so strongly opposed by the community.”

“Our message is we are watching, we are capable and we will act. That is what the community expects and that’s what we will deliver,” Deputy Commissioner Burn said.

Deputy Commissioner Burn strongly urged members of the public to continue to provide information when and where they see anything suspicious.

Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan said there can be no doubt that law enforcement and security agencies are currently operating in a complex environment and there has been heightened operational activity.

“This joint operation is tangible evidence of the effectiveness of the cooperation between Australia’s law enforcement and security agencies working closely together to protect the community in the fight against terrorism,” Deputy Commissioner Phelan said.


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