The World Blockchain Summit


The World Blockchain Summit is set to take place on July 14-15, 2022 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapore.

Sedition will join World Blockchain Summit Singapore as Presenting Sponsor and will make announcements regarding the integration of NFTs to Sedition’s platform.

Among the crypto leaders and speakers who will join the global conversation will be Rory Blain, the Director of Sedition “Sedition is the world’s leading digital art platform and we’re proud to be working with many of the world’s most celebrated contemporary artists – Tracey Emin, Bill Viola, Yoko Ono, Bharti Kher, Mat Collishaw, and many other giants from the museum and gallery world. We also have artworks by the titans of the digital and NFT sphere, artists like Refik Anadol, LIA, Can Büyükberber, Rafaël Rozendaal, Maxim Zhestkov and many others” stated Rory Blain.

Rory continues: “Starting mid-2022, Sedition is introducing blockchain technology to the platform. We want to allow our community to decentralize the ownership of their artworks by turning them into NFTs. We’re excited to be joining World Blockchain Summit Singapore to make this announcement to the global blockchain community”

During his speech at World Blockchain Summit Rory will be sharing his insights on the topic of the Democratization of Art. Rory will talk about his background in the art world and what inspired the founding idea of Sedition – to democratize access to fine art – as well as discuss why blockchain technology will revolutionize the art industry.

According to Mohammad Saleem, Founder of World Blockchain Summit, “Blockchain technology offers more benefits than just faster securities settlement. It will radically alter market dynamics and perhaps even the design of the internet. Everything has transformed the Internet and blockchain, the future of content lies in it.” He further added, “We are excited to have Sedition at the World Blockchain Summit, which will promote the field of art on digital platforms and introduce the participants to numerous avenues to enjoy art.”

He further added “We are excited to have Sedition at the World Blockchain Summit, which we think will unlock the possibilities of digital assets and introduce our participants to the world of cryptocurrency.”

“We are honoured to be in Singapore taking part in the World Blockchain Summit and showcasing the incredible, revolutionary work we’re doing at DIG,” said Haydn Snape. “This is an elite gathering of leaders in our industry, and we welcome the chance to come together with like-minded professionals, where we can learn from one another and share evidence-based best practices and opportunities for growth.” said Haydn Snape, Global Managing Partner and CEO of the Dubai-based Decentralised Investment Group (DIG).

Snape added: “We are especially excited to show how far we’ve come with Realms of Ethernity (ROE), the most anticipated play-to-earn game of the year, and currently being developed by our GameFi subsidiary in Miami, XYZZY. ROE is the world’s first AAA-quality, NFT, MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game), a polished, rich, third-person open-world built in Unity 3D with stunning audio-visual quality. It is a game-changer in its use of blockchain technology, and we will be showcasing it in Singapore.”


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