The most effective IT security methodology: SysSecOps


Editor’s Interview with Scott Raynovich, founder of Futurium and creator of the Rayno Report, now a part of SDxCentral.

Recent ransomware attacks such as Wannacry and Petya highlight the continued disconnect between two enterprise technology silos, and it’s killing both operations and security. I spoke with technology analyst Scott Raynovich, who has developed an enterprise security methodology, SysSecOps, or Systems Security Operations and released the Futuriom report ‘Endpoint Security and SysSecOps – The growing trend to build a more secure enterprise’.

As Scott explained, “The context is ‘almost’ perfect as the recent ransomware attacks provide a top level view – security operations and system operations are often separate functions and these organisations aren’t always talking to each other. The ransomware worms are affecting older systems that haven’t been maintained and patched. So, this is a patching issue, which is an IT administration problem.”

“The premise of the report – surveying 170 people – was there has to be more integration between security operations but these are management and process challenges. Looking back through some of the largest hacks and attacks, Target, Yahoo, DNC, the pattern is that many of these incidents wasn’t that technology didn’t identify it was happening, it was rather a system process problem. The right person wasn’t informed or the response wasn’t automated.”…Click HERE to read full article.


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