The IndigoVision Ultra 5K Fixed Camera – ultra-high resolution and winning performance


Ultra 5K Fixed Camera Launch PR Image - ALTAnnouncing the IndigoVision Ultra 5K Fixed Camera – the first ultra-high resolution security camera to deliver outstanding image detail and video performance in all lighting conditions.

“Having ultra-high resolution means a single camera can give greater overall situation awareness, while providing better digital zoom. Ultra-high resolution means less cameras are required,” states Alex Swanson, IndigoVision’s Head of Engineering.

“The IndigoVision Ultra 5K has an ultra-high resolution of five thousand horizontal pixels, delivering incredible image detail and wider scene coverage from a single camera. Operators can get an extreme close up through the Ultra 5K’s powerful digital zoom, safe in the knowledge that every detail in the scene is continuously captured and recorded.

The challenge with ultra-high resolution is delivering video quality that the security industry expects in all lighting conditions. Until now, ultra-high resolution cameras have failed by using technology designed for industries such as medical imaging.

The IndigoVision Ultra 5K has a cutting edge CMOS sensor with Global Shutter and Wide Dynamic Range. Outstanding image processing performance of 120 Megapixels per second gives 6 frames per second video.

A winner in both real-life and laboratory tests, the IndigoVision Ultra 5K delivers ten times better low lux performance and double the frames per second than other ultra-high resolution cameras,” adds Alex.

Fully ONVIF compliant, the Ultra 5K is optimised to work with IndigoVision’s Control Center video management software and Networked Video Recorders. Intuitive configuration and installation means the IndigoVision Ultra 5K camera is up and running fast.

“Jaws drop when customers see the IndigoVision Ultra 5K in action. They have been delighted by the amazing image detail and outstanding video performance. It’s a deal winner and we are already booking orders,” states Lopez Martin, IndigoVision’s Senior VP.

Available in internal and external IP 67 rated options, the IndigoVision Ultra 5K camera is ideal for installations where image detail with wide area coverage is paramount, such as Airports, Cities, Stadiums and Major Events.

IndigoVision’s complete IP video security solutions have been used world-wide in more than 70 airports, 350 cities and have been selected for the 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup in Brazil.


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