Talla’s Intelligent Knowledge Base 2.0 Full of Innovative AI Features


Talla Debuts New Platform Merging Content, Automation, and Machine Learning to Change the Way Customer Facing Teams Work

Talla has launched version 2.0 of the Talla Intelligent Knowledge Base —  a platform that brings together customer content with automation, chatbots, and machine learning to help customer facing teams move deals through the pipeline faster, decrease churn, and improve customer conversations. This new platform harnesses techniques in natural language processing and AI powered automation to achieve significant benefits for revenue generating teams within companies.

Rob May, Founder and CEO Talla said: “Businesses today are driven by information, but the way that information is written makes it difficult to access simple crisp answers for customers.  Talla uses AI to solve that problem. Our A.I. doesn’t just analyze content — it builds a knowledge graph to really understand it. With Talla, you can turn any section or any page of your knowledge base into a chatbot, then deploy that to arm your customer-facing employees with the information needed to generate results.  And when your information contains actions, we can automate those actions as well, saving you significant amounts of time while simultaneously improving the customer experience.”

The A.I. powered knowledge and information management platform was developed for Sales, Customer Support, and Client Success, with the functions of customer-facing teams at the forefront of the Talla team’s design and development work. The Intelligent Knowledge Base 2.0, with capabilities beyond those of a chatbot, allows managers to utilize machine learning to train content, eliminate outdated information, and make trusted institutional knowledge discoverable for their teams’ needs. Talla customers report close to 90% accuracy with instantly available information, saving employees hours each week.

Enrico Palmerino, Founder and CEO of automated bookkeeping platform Botkeeper and Talla customer said: “As an AI company, we at Botkeeper believe simplicity and automation are the keys to success in today’s data driven world.  With recent growth, we sought a technology that would simplify the storage, iteration, and distribution of knowledge across our organization and its several offices.  We looked at dozens of options and after demo’ing Talla it was clear their AI enabled knowledge base was head and shoulders above the rest. With Talla we can write something once and Talla understands where it fits in the Botkeeper knowledge graph automatically.  We are constantly adding new sales and support team members, and with Talla those new team members ramp faster and provide better responses to customers and prospects. The most surprising thing that Talla showed us was all the knowledge gaps we had between the information customers wanted and the content and answers we were writing. We’ve been able to close those quickly, which translates into improved sales velocity, happier customers, and more productive employees.”

Referencing the Talla’s product line’s capabilities in client success, Matej Matolin, an executive at STRV said: “At STRV, our customers include companies like Microsoft, Lufthansa, Tinder, and Hallmark. They demand excellence from us, so we need to ensure our team is equipped with the best tools possible, which includes Talla. Our customer-facing teams have the information they need at their fingertips with Talla. They can simply type in their question and get an answer immediately. Our previous knowledge base just couldn’t keep up with our business needs, was a pain to manage, and difficult to use. With Talla, our employees have saved hours of time a week and love that they can rely on always having a trusted source of information.”

Other features of the Intelligent Knowledge Base include:

  • A time-saving feature enabling the  automation of recurring tasks. The Talla product integrates email, Salesforce, Jira, Zendesk, in order to create new knowledge based pages, send the information via email, create tickets, file issues, and surface issues and reports;
  • The ability to train content enables Authors to provide better information for users, and more consumable for machine learning. The results are better content that is easily retrievable.
  • Prevents content duplication to streamline information across pages;
  • Automatic content updates allow the Talla product to identify and fill knowledge gaps within the organization. If there is a question posed to Talla that the system doesn’t have an answer to, it will orchestrate a workflow to fill that knowledge gap and alert the user when the information becomes available; and
  • Produces real-time, accurate information by integrating Talla with Slack, Microsoft teams, and/or Talla chat, to give users fast access to information — reducing the number of repetitive questions.

“We are using Talla to ensure that our member service teams are equipped with the information that they need, when they need it. Talla’s AI capabilities speed up the knowledge discovery process by displaying relevant knowledge base search results so that our representatives always have access to the product and service information they need,” said J. Bradley Blake, COO of CUSO Services, Florida State University Credit Union. “This means better informed employees, faster resolution times, and the ability to exceed our members’ expectations. And with Talla’s knowledge gap identification, we now have greater insights into the information our employees need which allows us to continue to grow the knowledge base to fit the team.”

Talla Smart Knowledge Base is now available to purchase on an annual subscription basis, with custom pricing options to include add on features. To learn more about the Talla Smart Knowledge Base, please visit www.talla.com.

About Talla:
Founded in 2015, Boston-based Talla has raised over $12 million dollars in venture capital. The Talla team is led by Rob May (CEO), Paula Long (SVP of Engineering), and Byron Galbraith (Chief Data Scientist), providing the company with decades of experience in software building, A.I., and data science.


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