SPAAL – Security – Electronic Technology school based traineeship


Our aim is to give security electronic technology employers an opportunity to develop their own skilled security electronic techncians in an increasingly competitive labour market.

The vital link between the involvement of employers and training that leads to real jobs and career paths is the key component of our school based traineeships.

ACFIPS is determined to foster the link between employers and school students to achieve better employment outcomes for all. Western Sydney has been chosen for the rollout of the project.

You can help selected high school students achieve their potential by undertaking school-based traineeships in security electronic technology and the – when they have completed year 12 – to continur their traineeship at a higher level.

If you think the project is worthwhile and would like to see it succeed, then there area number of ways you can help.
– Become and employer of a school based trainee.
– Become a supporter by making a financial donation to the project.
– Become an advocate of the project by promoting it at every opportunity.

Unless steps are taken now to improve the uptake of electronic technology traineeships with NSW, there will soon be serious shortfalls of skilled workers in IT, telecommunications, security technology and digital print. ACFIPS as the NSW Industry Training Advisory Body covering all these industry sectors, is keen to work with employers to increase traineeships across all electronic technology industry sectors.

For more information please contact:
Andrew Bryson, ACFIPS Project Officer, 0407020913 or


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