Singapore’s first Quantum-Safe Network Plus


Singtel has announced that it will be developing Singapore’s first National Quantum-Safe Network Plus (NQSN+), for enterprises, in partnership with global industry leader, ID Quantique (IDQ).

The telco was appointed by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to develop the network as part of the nation’s Digital Connectivity Blueprint which outlines the next bound of its digital connectivity up to 2030, including being quantum-safe in 10 years.

To be launched in mid-2024, the network will employ modern quantum-safe technologies such as quantum key distribution, which is a secure method for distributing encryption keys only known between shared parties, and post-quantum cryptography, a new, advanced form of encryptions algorithms that are secure against attacks from quantum computers.

The Quantum-Safe Network will leverage Singtel’s managed network services and fibre network with selected exchanges stipulated as trusted nodes to establish a reliable, secure and resilient nationwide quantum key distribution network.

This enables enterprises to secure their communications across the island and extends quantum-safe security to new use cases and applications such as identity, mobility and authentication services.

Mr Ng Tian Chong, Chief Executive Officer, Singtel Singapore, said, “With quantum computing gaining traction and potentially used as a threat vector by malicious actors to attack classical (traditional) encryption, it is imperative that organisations update their assets to safeguard their information and boost their cyber resilience. With Singtel’s nationwide quantum-safe network for enterprises, Singapore’s first, we are securing our data networks from advanced quantum threats for our customers and giving them easy access to solutions to safeguard their critical data in the quantum age. We’re also laying the foundation for becoming a regional hub for quantum computing as well as a launchpad for new leading-edge innovations and applications. We encourage enterprises and the industry to co-create these possibilities with us.”

As part of the Memorandum of Understanding, Singtel and IDQ will incorporate Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum-Safe Key Management solutions from IDQ into Singtel’s network and co-develop a bigger talent pool with deep expertise in design, solutioning, engineering and operations of Quantum-Safe Networks. With established governance frameworks and processes, proven monitoring and management platforms, coupled with skilled and technical personnel, Singtel will bring its innate expertise and personnel resources to design, build, develop and operate the quantum-safe network. Together, the partners will also develop industrial and government use cases to drive adoption and scale to mutually agreed countries of interest, among other conditions.

Mr Grégoire Ribordy, CEO and founder, ID Quantique, added, “We are extremely excited to partner with Singtel to launch Singapore’s first commercial Quantum-Safe Networks service. With our suite of quantum-safe solutions underpinned by state-of-the-art QKD and quantum key management platform and Singtel’s high quality fibre infrastructure, we are committed to support Singtel in developing local expertise in Quantum communications and enable Quantum-Safe Networks for a safe and strong digital economy in Singapore. The partnership is already bearing fruits with a strong roadmap bringing in innovations and providing new services to Singtel’s customers.”

Dr Ong Chen Hui, Assistant Chief Executive, BizTech Group, IMDA, said, “We are excited to kickstart the launch of Southeast Asia’s first quantum-safe network infrastructure to help both businesses and government agencies tap on quantum-safe technologies. IMDA’s NQSN+ will help to realise Singapore’s vision of a quantum-safe nation, building our nation’s capabilities in this space. IMDA will continue to work with industry partners and government agencies to create a quantum safe nation.”


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