Shred-X becomes nationally certified in Australia


NAID LogoOne of the largest information destruction services in Australia is now certified for all operations across the entire country by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

Shred-X is a founding member of NAID-ANZ, the Australian and New Zealand chapter for NAID. NAID is the international trade association that sets minimum standards in correct and proper procedures for the information destruction industry. Shred-X listened to Australian businesses and their requirements for the information destruction industry and helped develop an Australian standard with NAID’s AAA Certification Program. The NAID AAA standard was developed over the past two decades for the North America and Europe markets. Prior to this, there was not a recognised Australian standard.

“Having all seven facilities across Australia AAA certified and, therefore, becoming the first secure destruction company in Australia to have national AAA certification is a major milestone that we here at Shred-X are extremely proud of,” stated Van Karas, General Manager of Shred-X.

Shred-X is recognised as a pioneer and industry leader in the secure destruction industry, providing information and product destruction services throughout Australia to both government agencies and the private sector with a clear focus on customer service, privacy compliance, security, and end-of-life product recycling.

About NAID: The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is the non-profit trade association of the secure destruction industry, which currently represents more than 1,900 member locations globally. NAID’s mission is to promote the proper destruction of discarded information through education and to encourage the outsourcing of destruction needs to qualified contractors.

The NAID AAA Certification Program is offered on a voluntary basis to all NAID member companies providing information destruction services. Through the program, NAID members may seek certification for mobile and/or plant-based operations in paper or printed media, micro media, computer hard drive destruction, and/or computer hard drive sanitization. The certification program establishes standards for a secure destruction process, including such areas as operational security, employee hiring and screening, the destruction process, responsible disposal and insurance. NAID certified members are subject to announced and unannounced audits by accredited security professionals to validate regulatory and security compliance. There are currently more than 1,000 NAID certified service provider locations around the world.


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