SALTO Systems joins with BIOCOTE Ltd


SALTO Systems has a new partnership with BioCote Ltd, a market leading provider of silver ion based anti microbial coating technology. The agreement will see a range of SALTO access control products, initially its best selling XS4 escutcheon range including wireless on-line real time escutcheons, wireless ready escutcheons, stand alone escutcheons, AMOK escutcheons, SKG escutcheons and more, having the option of being treated with the BioCote® finish.

BioCote® is an antimicrobial agent containing silver which is engineered to provide continuous, built-in protection on a products surface. It works by binding with microbes and damaging their cells in a number of ways, disrupting their normal functions and preventing them from reproducing. It has been proven to effectively reduce the presence of microbes on surfaces by up to 99.9%. The activity of BioCote helps to eliminate the growth of bacteria and moulds on coated escutcheons, lessening the impact these microbes have on the product. Transfer of microbes from the treated surfaces to other susceptible surfaces will be reduced as a direct result of BioCote antimicrobial activity. The finish is long-lasting and maintains its antimicrobial performance over the expected lifetime of the escutcheon. It does not break down over time, so will not leach from, or rub off treated surfaces, and just normal cleaning is required to maintain the warranty of the finish. It is suitable for use in a range of commercial environments including hospitality, retirement homes, leisure, food, catering, laboratory, and healthcare sectors.


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