RSA Conference 2020 APJ Unveils Keynote Line-up


RSA Conference, the world’s leading information security conferences and expositions, returns to the Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) for its 8th year.

Running from July 15 to 17, 2020, during Singapore business hours (GMT+8), the annually sought-after Conference will be delivered as a free virtual learning experience with cybersecurity industry’s most forward-thinking leaders. This decision stems from Conference’s commitment to connect the global cybersecurity community, especially during this time where cybercriminals are exploiting vulnerabilities around longer-term remote working and learning arrangements, as well as the public’s fear around the global pandemic.

The anticipated keynote line-up was revealed by RSAC 2020 APJ’s organizers, who hope that insights from experts will help inform organizations and end users alike as they navigate our new normal.

Participants can look forward to a comprehensive agenda and keynote line-up, interactive learning breakouts and networking time with peers and experts, strategically planned to cover regional and global cybersecurity issues.

Keynote speakers and sessions include:

Rohit Ghai, President, RSA, will talk about the importance of the human element in the cybersecurity industry, especially cybersecurity professionals, and the role they have played in the last six months. In moving forward, post COVID, Rohit will share about how we can write a successful and resilient story together.

“It’s our stories that make us human, but the cybersecurity industry has an incomplete and oversimplified view of the characters in our stories. I am thrilled to explore the significance behind the human element and share how we can reclaim the narrative on the role of humans in this age of unpredictability,” said Rohit Ghai, President, RSA.

The cybersecurity industry has undergone much change and learning in the past few months as organizations continued to scale virtual private networks and collaboration tools to provide for the shift to remote working overnight. In her keynote, Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft, will be discussing the five long-term security implications of the global pandemic and more importantly, how it gives rise to digital empathy.

“In the early days of the pandemic, we saw Zero Trust shift from a business option, to a business imperative,” said Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft.

“While the current health crisis we face together has created a number of security implications, it has also influenced five longer term paradigm shifts for the cybersecurity industry, including the rise of digital empathy towards greater inclusive end-user experiences,” explained Johnson.

This inspiring and entertaining keynote session by Hugh Thompson, Program Committee Chair, RSA Conference, and George Takei, Author, Performer and Activist, will explore the power of positivity in the face of adversity, celebrating the power in each individual to impact the world for good, and how new heroes have emerged in the cybersecurity sector to fight new foes, with their diverse skills and approaches, innovation and grit.

“I am incredibly excited to have George Takei join me in what I know will be an inspiring and entertaining keynote session touching on how extraordinary circumstances and seemingly unsurmountable adversity have the power to bring out the best in us,” said Hugh Thompson, Program Committee Chair, RSA Conference. “It is important that we celebrate how we can positively impact the world. I believe we, as a global cybersecurity community, will emerge from the current crisis the world faces – better, stronger and able to help the next generation of cybersecurity experts be ready to tackle future challenges.


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