Raytec lighting helps military in fight against terror


A UK military site has chosen Raytec VARIO White-Light LED illuminators as part of a high security, anti-terrorism operation, concerning 24/7 vehicle inspection.

To maintain the highest level of security at all times the military site must inspect all vehicles entering and leaving the site. Security staff are required to check all vehicles within a gated compound area for foreign objects and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

However, when inspecting vehicles at night, the compound required additional illumination, both under and around the vehicles. Security planners for the site specified that the chosen lighting must be installed at ground level, delivering a minimum of 100 lux along the centre line of the road, and also be energy and cost efficient. Planners explored multiple lighting solutions none of which could provide the combination of high light levels, energy efficiency and military grade durability.

Babcock International Group, an engineering support services company were consulted to help find a suitable product. “Having dealt with Raytec on another project I was confident that they could provide a solution to our problem,” comments Christopher MacFarlane, Senior Electrical Engineer at Babcock.

Raytec’s lighting design team specialises in designing detailed lighting schemes for individual and bespoke customer requirements. They produced a unique design that met the 100 lux requirement using VARIO w8 White-Light illuminators. Crucially all Raytec LED illuminators have an extremely low power consumption, offer a long 10 year life and require zero maintenance.

This has allowed the site to forecast significant energy and running cost savings as a result of using Raytec LED lighting over old energy hungry technology such as halogen lighting. The savings for this project are estimated at around £5.7K in the first year and in excess of £57K over the lifetime of the installation.

All stakeholders were very impressed with the light output of the VARIO fittings. The crystal clear, even White-Light illumination is currently allowing security staff to effectively inspect vehicles entering the compound at all times, especially at night; all whilst while keeping costs to an absolute minimum.

Christopher MacFarlane comments further on the design and installation process, “For any subsequent LED lighting projects I wouldn’t hesitate to consult with the team at Raytec. They have an excellent knowledge of their products and LED lighting technology.”

For more information on Raytec VARIO LED lighting and Raytec’s FREE lighting design service, visit www.rayteccctv.com


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