Raytec launches all-in-one VARIO Hybrid


VARIO HybridRaytec has expanded its flagship range of VARIO illuminators to include a new, all-in-one Infra-Red and White-Light solution – VARIO Hybrid.

VARIO hybrid seamlessly combines Raytec’s latest Infra-Red and White-Light LED technology into a single unit for easy installation and increased functionality.

VARIO Hybrid works in conjunction with external detectors or alarm inputs to provide event triggered lighting on demand and proactively deter crime. The Infra-Red can be used for general CCTV surveillance and the White-Light can be triggered only when needed on alarm via external devices, e.g. on detection of a subject, to act as a visible deterrent or to provide additional colour picture information.

Illumination on demand is highly effective at deterring crime and also reducing the system’s running cost and environmental impact. The same illuminator can not only provide IR illumination for video surveillance or act as a visible deterrent, but can also provide a safe and well lit area for pedestrians or workers when they enter the area.

“Lighting should not be a static, stand-alone entity when it comes to designing high security systems”, comments Peter Hulme, Raytec’s Lighting Design Engineer. “A good system uses lighting as an interactive tool, fully integrated with other technologies on site to produce a highly responsive and effective system 24/7.VARIO Hybrid helps system designers to easily and quickly achieve this”.

As part of the VARIO family, VARIO Hybrid benefits from the full set of unique VARIO features including; ‘Interchangeable Lensing’ to quickly and easily match the beam pattern to the camera FOV, elliptical beam patterns with ‘Hot-spot Reduction Technology’ for enhanced images and greater distances, ‘LED Status Indicators’ for easy diagnostics, and a hand-held ‘VARIO Remote Control’ for easy set-up and adjustment from ground level.

Tony Whiting, Raytec’s Managing Director (joint) comments on the expanded VARIO family; “The VARIO range already includes a number of  industry firsts such as VARIO IP PoE – the first ever CCTV illuminator to integrate into a VMS, and it is now further strengthened with the addition of new specialist solutions such as VARIO Hybrid, VARIO Lighthouse Kit and VARIO D-Zoom. Raytec and all our people are proud to be 100 percent focused on lighting and we always strive to offer innovative solutions with real, tangible benefits to the global market”.

“The VARIO family of LED illuminators has quickly established itself as the industry’s first choice when it comes to CCTV lighting and truly offers a lighting solution for any application”.

For more information on VARIO Hybrid and the VARIO family of illuminators visit www.rayteccctv.com



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