Quantum AI and the future of security


A far cry from the quantum mechanics and time travel immortalised in Star Trek, the reality of quantum AI has real-time implications for the future of security.  

IBM’s own quantum computer is housed in a dilution refrigerator that looks like it is straight out of the sci-fi genre.  

At the upcoming IBM Security Summit 2020, IBM Fellow and CTO, Research Security J R Rao and IBM Fellow, VP & CTO Sridhar Muppidi will discuss the future of security based on the advancements made by quantum computing.  

Mr Rao said that the most interesting thing about quantum computers is their ability to do tasks at a rapid pace, dwarfing the capabilities of a normal computer by astronomical rate. 

“For example, if you program a normal computer to play a game of chess, the computer would have to search every path in the game exhaustively, whereas a quantum computer can explore all those paths at the same time,” said Mr Rao. 

In terms of security, Mr Rao said the quantum computer could help solve the problem of cryptography in the security space.  

Mr Muppidi also spoke about the implications of quantum computing in fields such as epidemiology, which would help with the fight against COVID-19.  

The pair will delve into depth into quantum computing in their upcoming presentation.  

Dr. Sridhar leads the technical strategy, architecture and Research for IBM Security, focused on Digital Identity & Fraud Protection, Identity & Access Management, Application & Data, Mobile & Cloud Security.  

He is a technical leader with 20 years’ experience in security, software product development and security solutions architecture for several industry verticals.  

J R Rao leads Security Research at IBM. Based in IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center, the global team comprises over two hundred researchers who work in the areas of Cryptography, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Mobile Security and Secure Platform Technologies. 

Hear from both of the speakers at the upcoming IBM Security Summit 2020.  

The upcoming IBM Security Summit 2020 will feature a number of key IBM speakers across a number of categories including complex cyber, digital transformation, threat management and the future of security.   

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