PPSS Group launchs slash resistant Homeland Security base layers


PPSS Slash Resistant Homeland Security Base LayerNew type of slash resistant base layers have been launched by PPSS Group, after identifying that prison and correctional officers all over the world operate within an environment where such realistic and clear risks and threat have been identified.

According to PPSS Group CEO, Robert Kaiser, it is a well-known fact that the risk of a prison or correctional officer being slashed and suffering from immediate rapid blood loss is real and has been well documented over the recent years.

“One of my now closest friends survived one of the most brutal assaults on prison officers in the UK in 2010, which resulted in his Axillary Artery being slashed, leading to irreparable physical injuries and permanent psychological distress.

“My team and I have spent countless hours communicating with more than 100 frontline professionals within prison and correctional institutions in countries around the world to identify exactly what type of protective equipment or clothing these professionals demand or require.”

When discussing the detailed operational requirements with these frontline professionals, PPSS Group was made aware of it right from the start that its ultimate protective garment had to be breathable, lightweight, thin, 100 percent concealable and of course cost-effective.

Robert Kaiser believes these new slash resistant base layers are the answers to the prayers of many officers who sometimes fear for their lives or are anxious every day they go to work.

“This new piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is entirely focussing on the protection of the key arteries.  We came to the conclusion that any stabbing injury could only be prevented by stab resistant armour and the issuing of such equipment was something that was perceived by almost everyone we discussed this matter with as too confrontational, aggressive and authoritative.

“PPSS slash resistant base layers have been developed with only one objective in mind, and that is the effective protection of key arteries from being cut or slashed.

“We strongly believe that a more effective garments in terms of weight/performance/cost-effective ratio is not available or possible with today’s manufacturing capabilities and technologies.

“We believe these slash resistant base layers we have now designed following 100+ hours of extensive research is the ultimate type of personal protective garment, leading to a massive reduction of workplace violence related injuries and future loss of lives within the prison and correctional institutions.”

If you wish to discuss the above concept with PPSS Group, please email info@ppss-group.com


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