New Australian passport first in the world to use 3M™ Colour Floating Image Security Laminate


3M logo 28ptThe Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has commenced issuing a new generation of Australian passports using the 3M™ Colour Floating Image Security Laminate. This represents the world’s first travel document to utilise the latest 3M security laminate technology.

The Australian passport has five pairs of stylised red and blue kangaroos that appear to ‘float’ above or ‘sink’ below the surface making it easy to authenticate and more difficult to forge. The kangaroos look to have dynamic movement as the viewing angle is changed and are visible as a different colour when viewed under retroreflective lighting.

“The Australian passport is internationally recognised as one of the most trusted and secure travel documents in the world. These new security features build on our reputation, as part of our commitment to stronger borders,” Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop said in a statement. “We are pleased DFAT has decided to build upon our 25 year relationship by using the 3M™ Colour Floating Image Security Laminate to secure the new Australian passport,” commented Eoin Geaney, Business Manager, 3M Australia Public Security Business.

Geaney continued, “The Department’s decision re-affirms their commitment to adopting innovative security technologies that maintain Australia’s passport as one of the world’s most trusted and secure travel documents.” 3M are committed to providing world-class, innovative identity management products, systems and solutions to our Australian customers through our continuous investment in research and development.”


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