Neustar switches on Tokyo data scrubbing centre to build the world’s largest DDoS mitigation defence network


Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, today announced the go live of its new Tokyo, Marseille and Stockholm DDoS mitigation scrubbing centres, further increasing Neustar’s global mitigation capacity. The new scrubbing centres were deployed in partnership with Arbor Networks and Limelight Networks, collaborating to deliver the world’s largest, most distributed and technically advanced DDoS mitigation defence network.

Through to mid-2018, the Neustar Global DDoS Defence Network will continue to grow its scrubbing capacity, with scrubbing centres distributed across all regions. This will provide unequalled capacity, underpinned by the best mitigation technology available in market, and over 15 years of mitigation experience.

For APAC companies, the introduction of the new Tokyo scrubbing centre positions Neustar as a leading provider within the region. Further to this, three additional scrubbing centres will be deployed in APAC during Q2 2018.

“As part of Neustar’s quest to end the DDoS attack arms race, we have invested to build the largest DDoS mitigation defence network across the globe. Our new state of the art Tokyo scrubbing centre demonstrates our commitment to providing our clients with the capacity and technology needed to mitigate the massive attacks of tomorrow”, said Robin Schmitt, General Manager Neustar APAC.

“Tokyo was strategically selected to maximise protection against volumetric DDoS attacks for APAC organisations, mitigating attacks close to the origin, while preventing internet saturation, including protecting intercontinental bandwidth joining APAC to the Americas”, he added.

The Neustar Global DDoS Defence Network prevents both Network and Application Layer DDoS attacks, and is integrated with the Neustar Web Application Firewall (WAF), protecting against sophisticated Application Layer attacks. The combination of technologies delivers multi-layered protection against the most aggressive and sophisticated attacks seen today.

“DDoS attacks are increasing both in their frequency and in their sophistication, and this means we need to continually increase capacity to ensure our customers critical data and services are safeguarded”, Schmitt said. “APAC organisations need to be secure in the knowledge that their business will not be disrupted by malicious attacks, like the massive attack which impacted the East Coast of America in October 2015.”

The addition of the new scrubbing centres achieves Neustar’s vision of providing a network that enables unrivalled mitigation capability and network performance, keeping its customers protected against any type of DDoS attack.

Neustar’s security solution, SiteProtect NG, breaks with the tradition of designing network protection that makes use of a high volume of small scrubbing centres with fewer, highly fortified and highly connected locations. SiteProtect NG network has deployed large, full scale, nodes, each with its multi-terabit scrubbing capacity in North America, Europe, and Asia with South America, Africa, Australia, and India slated for early 2018.

“As part of Neustar’s quest to end the DDoS attack arms race, the construction of our enhanced network with regionalised nodes is a game-changer for our customers”, said Barrett Lyon, General Manager DDoS Defence, Neustar. “We are continually futureproofing the network to meet and defeat new attacks head-on, with enhanced and localised scrubbing. Put another way, unlike anything else available on the market today, Neustar is building a constantly evolving network that delivers clients with the required level of sophisticated DDoS defence capability needed to defend against the attacks of tomorrow”, Lyon added.


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