Motorola Opens R&D Centre in Ho Chi Minh City


Motorola Solutions has opened a new research and development (R&D) centre in Ho Chi Minh City to advance data analytics and AI-enabled technologies.

The centre is focused on designing and building solutions that improve public safety outcomes by connecting people to critical information and focusing human attention where it’s needed most. This includes leveraging AI to create advanced camera systems, sensors and vehicle detection technologies that feed into command centres to improve decision-making and accelerate emergency response.

“Our team brings different experiences and perspectives, adding to the diversity that advances creative innovations in our global R&D organisation,” said Motorola’s Dr Dinh Tien Son. “We’re developing meaningful solutions to solve complex challenges and our work will continue to extend its positive, real-world impact worldwide.”

“Especially in times of crisis, people need technology that helps them to focus on the most relevant information needed to fulfil their mission while removing other distractions,” added Motorola CTO Mahesh Saptharishi. “Data analytics and AI play an important role in this process.”


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