In Memory: Security Officer Steve Rodgers


Security Guards may often get bad publicity. They also get little, if any, recognition for brave and sacrificial acts. That’s why people don’t know who Steve Rodgers is.
July 16 each year marks the anniversary of his murder.

Rodgers was a 44 year old father of seven, gun-down by Peter Knight while defending a Fertility Control Clinic in East Melbourne.

Knight, an anti-abortionist stormed the clinic’s waiting room before being challenged by Rodgers. A melee occurred before Rodgers received a single gunshot wound to the chest. Resulting in his death [1].
Two men nearby then restrained Knight.

The subsequent court case detailed Knight’s frightening intentions.
With 41 people inside the clinic, he entered with two bags.
One bag contained 16 litres of kerosene, ammunition, cigarette lighters, ropes, gags and torches to be soaked in kerosene.

The second bag concealed a modified high powered Winchester rifle.
On sentencing Knight to life imprisonment, Justice Bernard Teague spoke of how Rodgers averted a modern day catastrophe. Stating to Knight, “you were a loner on a personal crusade (to) massacre many,” however, “Steve Rogers got in the way of your crusade.”
A hero worth remembering.

Contributed by Gerard May.

[1] Iaria, M. Anti- Abortion Security Guard Killer Peter James Knight Loses Appeal Bid
From: AAP, May 20, 2011,
Viewed at

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