LUMIDIGM Provides Cutting-Edge Fingerprint Biometrics to IdentyTech’s Multi-Modal Wallmount Terminal


LUMIDIGM announced that IdentyTech’s new IDT Wallmount terminal, a full identification center based on a secured solution, features Lumidigm’s multispectral imaging fingerprint sensors. The Wallmount terminal operates as a standalone solution or as part of an enterprise network for both logical and physical access control.

“The IDT Wallmount is the only true modular access control terminal on the market that integrates a cutting-edge multispectral imaging fingerprint reader with optional facial recognition, smartcards, scrambled CTP keyboard, and intercom and telephone communication with full audio,” explains Ephram Yeashoua, IdentyTech Solutions president and CEO. “It provides interoperability between hardware and software modules, different algorithms and biometric technologies, all in a single terminal. Along with its optional secure I/O, the IDT Wallmount is a true secured access management solution.”


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