Liquid Group Taps into Velotix


Velotix has announced that Liquid Group has selected Velotix as its data security platform. 

“To effectively manage our expanding range of products and data volumes, we need to continuously assess the most secure and compliant approach to handling that data. Velotix’s AI-based deep learning supports us in processing, categorizing, and qualifying data faster and more efficiently, thus ensuring smarter and more effective governance and compliance,” said Jeremy Tan, CEO and Founder at Liquid Group. 

“We are proud to partner with Liquid Group, a leader in the fintech industry, to enable them to safely and efficiently access their data, said Dr. Adi Hod, CEO and Co-Founder at Velotix.  “Our data security platform speeds up and secures data access while keeping up with the dynamic regulatory environment, so that even with the increasing number of users and policies enterprises can  generate fast and meaningful insights:.



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