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The Keytracker Key Management System is one of the simplest and most cost-effective management systems currently available for keeping track of where an organisation’s keys or assets are and who is using them. This means the organisation saving time, money and minimising frustration.

It is the ideal system for any organisation where a lot of keys are handled by a high number of staff members and where the incidence of lost or misplaced keys is high.

Keytracker Ltd, established in 1966, is based in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. Originally a family business servicing the UK market, it has grown into an international company. It has only recently launched in Australia/New Zealand. Keytracker’s core values are still firmly based on the original family ideology and are reflected in its continued accreditation of both investors in people and ISO 9001.

In the beginning, it concentrated on growth specifically from automotive dealers as the original system was designed by a car sales person. However, it was very quickly realised that absolutely any industry with a similar problem of lost or misplaced keys would benefit from the same system.

Some examples of organisations supplied in the UK are Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Cadbury, Christy’s Hospital, St John’s Ambulance, Homebase, G4S and many more household names and  independent businesses.

Keytracker is a simple, low cost-effective key control system. It keeps control of your keys with a simple peg-in peg-out system. It lets you know immediately who has which set of keys.


  • Controls 5-150 Keys on a single board
  • Anti-tamper seals to prevent theft
  • Tracks any size bunch of keys
  • Additional security of a steel cabinet can be used
  • Only authorised users can have access to keys
  • All systems are expandable by simply adding additional rows.


  • Totally power free so no connection, license fee, training, maintenance contract etc
  • Simple and easy to use “peg in-peg out” with instant identification on who has the keys
  • Quick easy access to keys
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Keeps keys organised and in one place

The Keytracker System consists of a Mechanical Peg Board, Access Pegs. Retention Pegs and Anti-tamper Seals.

The Mechanical Pegboard is a ‘peg in-peg out” system that can hold up to 150 sets of keys or other of the Organization’s Assets (tools etc.).

Each moulded plastic track has five key positions, the port holes for each position has either a “Retention Peg” or  “Access Peg” securely locked in place. Only one Peg can be locked in therefore if a key is missing the staff members Access Peg, which has a unique identifier on the end of the Peg, visibly identifies who has the key.

A stainless steel frame holds the Keytracker’s tracks together in the designated board size. Totally modular these can be easily re-sited or added to, providing a totally flexible management solution.

Access Pegs are issued to staff members to unlock the key/asset required from the Keytracker Board.

Engraved at the end of the Peg with a staff member identification number (unique) for quick and easy reference. Each staff member who needs access to the board has just one Peg which maximizes the management and control however we do realise that this is not always practical and multiple Access Pegs may have to be issued.

Access Pegs come in 14 different colours which provides the ability to allocate a colour to a particular division or department within the organisation, staff ranking or Key or Asset classification.

Retention Pegs are the Pegs that the keys or assets are secured by an Anti-tamper seal. The Pegs have a number engraved on the end which matches the corresponding number on the Keyboard.

Retention Pegs are available in a number of colours (8) however the most effective combination is to use white for the Retention Pegs and colours for the Access Pegs. This leads to less confusion, from a visual point of view, when glancing at the board.

Anti-tamper seals are used to lock the keys or assets onto the Retention Peg which is done by threading the seal through the head of the key/asset fixing point then to the relevant Retention Peg.

Once together, the metal end of the Anti-tamper seal is pushed into the white plastic shaped head where the wire locks back on itself and locks the seal.

Once set, the key/asset can only be removed by wire cutters, which are supplied within the system. It is impossible to remove the keys from the seal without the cutter.

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