iWebGate Granted US Patent for Virtual Invisible Network (VIN)


Australia-based iWebGate Technology Limited has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the first viable alternative to Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions.

This patented technology, the Virtual Invisible Network (VIN), establishes a meshed virtual network topology, without exposing end-points to unauthorised users. This technology breakthrough provides numerous functional and award winning security benefits over traditional VPN, and enables rapid creation of multi-tenant virtualized networks that are hidden over private and public infrastructures.

“VPN has long been the standard methodology for establishing secure remote access,” says Tony Mazza, Chief Operations Officer for iWebGate’s US division. “There is a cult-like dedication to VPN’s continued usage, despite the cost and complexity of its operation and the known vulnerabilities it introduces. But as we developed our network delivery solution- especially for voice and video assets-VPN was simply inefficient. VIN is technologically superior and more economical and user-friendly for any enterprise.”

While not envisioning the immediate mass adoption of VIN, Mazza stressed that it will ultimately become the de facto industry standard as it becomes independently evaluated by systems administrators.

“iWebGate’s innovative approach in providing a full-service network delivery platform assures security and ease of collaboration,” said Tim Gooch, iWebGate’s Chief Executive Officer. “Best of all, this next generation solution allows our clients to provide cloud services to their customers today.”

According to Gooch, the VIN patent (no. 61/309,875) is the first in a series of four iWebGate is poised to secure in 2013. “Within weeks, iWebGate is expected to offer the first patented on-demand networking delivery platform, that can be spun up and taken down as needed in mere minutes,” Gooch states. “Two years ago, our Director Kim Mettam, envisioned that iWebGate would introduce a new genus of cyber capability. That day is coming very soon.”


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