HP opens new Security Operations Centre in Sydney


HP has announced a new, dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) that will support HP Managed Security Services (MSS), servicing customers around the world. The SOC in Sydney will provide monitoring, management and threat remediation using the HP MSS suite, 24/7 operations and staff who are aware of the complex legal and regulatory challenges faced by organisations.

In today’s advanced threat landscape, cyber attacks are on the rise, threatening organisations using some of the most sophisticated skills and technologies available. However, according to a recent Ponemon study, 35 percent of IT security professionals surveyed reported that they rely upon intuition or ‘gut feel’ to know if their organisation is under attack.1 Most significantly are Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks, which disrupt user access to vital resources by overloading system bandwidth with access requests. Reported DDoS attacks rose 32 percent from 2012 to 2013; with more than 7,000 new DDoS attacks identified each day.2

The dedicated SOC in Sydney will deliver a range of HP Managed Security Services to help organisations extend capabilities, improve security posture, and reduce risk, while alleviating the burden on internal resources with better identification, faster response and quicker restoration of service.  Services offered from the SOC in Sydney include HP Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Services, which enable clients to augment in-house operational security management and monitoring with 24/7 security incident monitoring and response.

“Cyber security threats are growing exponentially, especially throughout the Asia Pacific region, and without a comprehensive risk management strategy their enterprise assets, infrastructure and reputation are at risk,” said Nick Wilson, managing director, HP South Pacific. “Through our dedicated Security Operations Centre, HP offers enterprises a sustainable approach coupled with modern security technologies that will provide clients with the security intelligence they need.”

Empowering the front lines of security to strengthen security posture

With the increased awareness of high-profile security breaches, IT leaders require insight that can be easily communicated across the organisation to help quantify risk and calculate the potential impact to the business. New and enhanced services from HP Enterprise Security Services enable organisations to adopt an intelligent security posture thereby helping to disrupt the adversary, manage risk and extend their capabilities.

  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) and web applications attacks represent one of the most critical threats to an organisation. HP Distributed Denial of Services Protection Services  leverages HP ArcSight and HP MSS to identify network and application-layer DDoS and Web application attacks, blocking them at the edge of the network before they cause harm.
  • HP Managed Security Services (MSS) clients now receive targeted threat intelligence with recommended actions to remediate specific, validated risks to their operations as a value-added service. HP Targeted Threat Intelligence, enhanced by HP Threat Central,   collects, collates and analyses structured and unstructured data from social media, hacker forums and other traditional log data sources to provide a more holistic view of the threat landscape.
  • HP MSS Portal, with information sharing through HP Threat Central, delivers real-time threat intelligence through desktop alerts and advice. This results in quicker integration of recommended guidance and earlier action to remediate threats.

HP Rapid Incident Response Service, an enhancement to HP Digital Investigation Services, helps organisations identify threats, react quicker to attacks and minimise impact through best-in-class security hardware, services and software. It is available in various configurations to help reduce exposure to harmful consequences of a breach, rapidly respond to an in-progress breach, and improve visibility through ongoing monitoring.

“As threats continue to intensify, security can no longer be a guessing game—with reputation and shareholder value at stake, the business risk is far too significant,” said Arthur Wong, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Security Services, HP. “With its extensive security services offerings, HP is committed to providing organisations the security intelligence to more effectively address the threat landscape with actionable, informed decisions.”


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