Horangi Cyber Security inks strategic partnership with Good Hackers Alliance (gha)


Horangi Cyber Security_logoHorangi Cyber Security expands its expertise by inking strategic partnership with Athena Dynamic’s Good Hackers Alliance (gha). The Memorandum of Understanding, which was signed between the two companies at Cybertech Asia 2018 will enable gha to tap on Horangi’s certified expertise in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) and Incident Response (IR) capability. This further strengthens gha’s professional depth and breadth to help companies fine tune their cyber security strategies and protection measures.

“This partnership is highly strategic because it fulfils an imminent need to address fast-emerging cyber threats. Companies should not wait to be hacked, they need to know where their vulnerabilities are and tighten their cyber security measures. At Horangi, all our consultants are certified, and we are undergoing certification under CREST and Accreditation@IMDA. Our goal ultimately is to raise awareness of cyber security threats in the region and to educate companies on being resilient and resourceful,” said Paul Hadjy, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Horangi Cyber Security.

Horangi brings its wealth of expertise to the gha. Established in Singapore in 2016, the company has a team of over 50 professionals that includes cyber operators, software developers and business professionals. Its Cyber Operations team has extensive engineering experience with a strong background in penetration testing, incident response and strategic consulting. The team conducts primary research within their specializations, which form the foundation of Horangi’s cyber security solutions.

“As the world becomes more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, it is essential for companies to be able to identify threats before they materialize. Unfortunately, every company is different and each environment, be it IT or OT, calls for very different and distinctive cyber protection requirements. Without deeper knowledge of the cyber security landscapes, an end-user’s search for quality security solutions and service providers is now a highly complex and risky pursuit. gha, together with partners such as Horangi, bring about a one-stop experience for expert advice on collective cyber protection strategies, products and services. The alliance has since its inception in 2015, assisted numerous companies countered serious cyber threats with the right mix of products and services. Today, Athena Dynamics’ strategic tie-up with Horangi will bring about strengthened propositions to our customers especially in certified VAPT and IR services,” said Ken Soh, Chief Executive Officer, Athena Dynamics.

About Horangi Cyber Security
Horangi Cyber Security offers mid-sized businesses best-in-class, proprietary cyber security products that help a company retain integrity as it grows, along with expert advisors that give advice regarding cyber security threats, in a manner that states the business relevance of the finding. Interpreting threats in context of the business objective is challenging. Horangi supports mid-sized businesses with a ready team of the world’s best cyber security experts to discover and interpret threats to the business, offering advice that is applicable and relevant to the businesses’ objectives. Horangi’s products put best-practice to work at the mid-market stage, in a manner that makes it easy for the business to scale and not lose the integrity of their cyber security defences. For more information, please visit https://horangi.com/.

About Athena Dynamics
Based in Singapore, Athena Dynamics focuses on IT & OT cyber security (SecOps) and ITIL compliant integrated enterprise IT operation (ITOps) management solutions. Since its inception in mid-2014, Athena Dynamics has been awarded numerous classified projects in the public sector and critical projects to protect sensitive digital assets in the private sectors. With that and coupled with its strong credentials in enterprise IT operation management, the company poises to introduce more radically differentiated products and services to effectively protect digital assets which traditional methods fail to fulfil.

About Good Hackers Alliance (gha)
Established in 2015, the Good Hackers Alliance (gha) focuses on Deep Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (Deep VAPT) to uncover threats and vulnerabilities that common VAPT service providers fail to identify. It is a registered branding of service quality, established by Athena Dynamics to nurture an alliance of proven and credible ethical hackers to address the differing cyber security needs of different customers and markets.


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