Group-IB’s CyberCrimeCon’20: the most anticipated cybersecurity event for the first time online


Group-IB, announces that its signature Threat Hunting and Intelligence conference, CyberCrimeCon, will for the first time dive online to literally remove the borders and bring together over 2,000 cybersecurity experts from all around the world. As cybercrime rate is skyrocketing year after year and tensions between states are escalating, including in cyber space, Group-IB provides a platform for universal dialogue, in which cybersecurity thought leaders, ideologists and practitioners exchange data and make public outcomes of their research work.

The eighth edition of the iconic event, held on November 25-26, will traditionally unite cybersecurity professionals from the financial and tech sectors, retail and industrial giants, as well as law enforcement agencies and will, in addition to two major streams — analytical and technological — contain a Threat Hunting Game.  The conference’s speaker lineup includes representatives of Europol EC3, leading banks, FMCG companies, and independent researchers.

CyberCrimeCon 2020 will focus on the analysis of hacker attacks, the detailed examination of threat actors’ TTPs as well as instruments to compromise organizations all around the world and will reveal  previously unknown cybercrime investigations and international operations to fight digital crime. The event will also look at the ongoing ransomware “plague,” the key trends of the underground carding market and will provide an overview of the underground forums that sell access to compromised corporate networks.

One of the conference’s highlights will be the presentation of Group-IB’s almanac revealing key cybercrime tendencies — Hi-Tech Crime Trends report, which for years has been serving as a roadman for businesses in telecoms, energy, financial, and retail industries in developing their information security strategies.

On top of it, as part of CyberCrimeCon 2020, Group-IB will reveal the results of the company’s 17-year-long evolution in the development of highly sophisticated products for investigating cybercrime and hunting for threat actors. Group-IB has united its complex engineering solutions into a smart technological ecosystem, which is capable of preventing targeted attacks in an automated mode. It also provides corporate security teams with instruments for correlating separate events as part of a single attack, attributing threats, analyzing malware and responding to an incident promptly.

The main conference days, will be followed by a Threat Hunting Game on November 27, during which registered participants will get access to Group-IB Threat Hunting Framework and will be tasked with individual challenges that will test their skills in analyzing malware and network traffic, handling alerts, and hunting for threats.

CyberCrimeCon 2020 will kick off at 8 a.m. (GMT+1) on November 25. Visit the official website to learn more about the event’s agenda and speaker line-up.

CyberCrimeCon 2020 media partners include ASEAN Tec & Sec, Cyber Risk Leaders, My Security Marketplace, My Security Media.


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