Exclusive Interview with John Howard – Australia’s 25th Prime Minister


Cornerstone Alliance in the Asia Pacific

By Sergei DeSilva-Ranasinghe

Australia is a nation that remains inextricably linked to the dynamic Asia Pacific region. In an exclusive APSM interview, Sergei DeSilva-Ranasinghe spoke to former and Australia’s 25th Prime Minister, John Howard, who recounted key regional dilemmas during his term in office with East Timor and Indonesia, and expressed his views on the future of Australia’s ties with both countries. He also shared his frank thoughts on the consequences for Australia-China relations, the US rebalance to Asia and the future challenges to Australian foreign policy, and finally, the legacy of his decisions in Australian strategic policy.

Given the Asia Pacific focus of this conversation, let me start by asking you about the East Timor intervention. Your support for East Timor’s independence was one of the high points of your prime ministership. Upon reflection, how do you view the implications of your decision? Read More


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