Dyn Expands In Asia Pacific and Releases Internet Intelligence Solution Providing An Unprecedented View Of Internet Performance


Dyn Logo2Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet Performance, announced its expansion in Asia Pacific and the regional release of Dyn Internet Intelligence, a cloud-based product that provides real-time visibility into critical Internet connectivity and routing data so enterprises get a comprehensive look into how the Internet affects their online presence.

Leveraging the world’s most extensive sensor grid, geolocation analysis, and Internet connectivity mapping, Dyn Internet Intelligence gives enterprises actionable, real-time insight to help select the best network service providers, cloud service providers and data centre locations to meet business goals and ensure their Internet applications and services are available to customers all over the world, at all times.

“We’re excited to be growing into Asia Pacific and to be able to offer local support for products such as Dyn Internet Intelligence to our customers,” said Martin Ryan, VP, Managing Director, Dyn Asia Pacific. “Companies today need to be available and accessible online 24/7 in order to compete. If customers can’t connect with a company’s services or the experience is poor, it means lost revenue and a damaged reputation. Dyn Internet Intelligence alerts you to Internet issues happening around the world that may impact your Internet-connected assets and equips companies with the diagnostic tools needed to make smarter, more strategic decisions about their online presence and connectivity.”

Internet Monitoring and Analysis

With Dyn Internet Intelligence, users get a unique view into the broad world of cloud-based providers, Internet Service Providers and global network infrastructure that constitutes today’s Internet. Whether applications are hosted in a public cloud, a private cloud, a Content Delivery Network (CDN), or a company’s own data centre, Dyn Internet Intelligence provides unprecedented visibility into how the Internet ecosystem impacts user connectivity and customer experience.

Dyn Internet Intelligence uses a network of hundreds of sensors distributed around the world and custom sensors in your hybrid cloud infrastructure to collect, analyse and correlate over a billion routing, Internet availability and performance data points per day. Service provider and IP transit routes are monitored to detect connectivity and customer experience issues in any region, which could be caused by anything from routing errors or equipment failures to traffic spikes or even natural disasters. Enterprises also gain a comprehensive view of Internet events which allows them to isolate problems existing outside their data centres and enterprise networks.

“Many times, the root cause of a connectivity issue isn’t within the data centre or application,” said Jim Davis, Senior Analyst, Service Providers channel at 451 Research. “It’s important to have a global view of the Internet in order to understand how external events prevent users from reaching your web-based applications and services so you can proactively monitor and work around those issues to improve availability and performance.

“Businesses now need the same level of visibility into the entire Internet as they have of their own network, especially as enterprises move from on-premise IT infrastructure towards a hybrid cloud model,” Davis said.

Data Centre and Cloud Service Provider Selection

Cloud Vantage Points, which are a capability of Dyn Internet Intelligence, allow companies immediate visibility into critical performance data for major cloud providers, including all sites for Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, DigitalOcean and Google Cloud, with support for additional cloud providers planned. Each cloud provider has different locations and different connections to the Internet.

Dyn Internet Intelligence allows companies to visualise and predict how their current and potential cloud providers will perform outside of their current configuration. It helps to ensure the right investments are made as companies plan for global expansion or look to bring on new providers.

Dyn Internet Intelligence also offers virtual-machine based Custom Vantage Points that can be installed directly within customers’ networks. Employing Dyn’s Custom Vantage Points gives customers better end-to-end insight into how their data centres are connected to the Internet and cloud service providers. This enables companies to make better planning decisions regarding data centre locations and how to best serve multiple geographies and target markets.

For more information on Dyn Internet Intelligence, visit www.dyn.com/dyn-internet-intelligence.


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