DataCon SEA 2019 to be held in Bangkok


DataCon SEA 2019, organized by Noppen Group will be held on February 28th – March 1st, in Bangkok, Thailand.

The DataCon event series aims to promote exchanges and cooperation, as well as bring together managers, researchers, engineers and experts in the domain of interest from around the world. The events series offers unparalleled access to CEOs, founders, innovators and investors in data center and cloud computing fields. In previous events, speakers such as ZHENG Shihui, Deputy General Manager of Data Center of Bank of Communications, Bruno SICCHIERI, CTO & CISO of FCA APAC, Philip HU, Managing Director of North Asia of Uptime Institute, YANG Zhiguo, Deputy General Manager of Data Center of Bank of China, CHI Kun, General Manager of Data Center of China CITIC Bank, and LI Xiaodong, Senior Architect of Sina, etc. have been invited and given speeches.

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With rapid development of the Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing and big data applications, the pace of global data center construction is accelerating. At present, the total number of global data centers has exceeded 3 million; similarly the total number of data centers in Southeast Asia has also been increasing. It is estimated that the Southeast Asian data center construction market is expected to grow by more than 8% between 2018 and 2022.

As more and more mobile and data analysis solutions are adopted in Southeast Asia, large enterprises in the region begin to operate data centers in response to the huge demand for data analysis and mobile solutions regionally and even globally. In addition, government policies and investment supports are factors contributing to the growth of the data center market in Southeast Asia. At the same time, the region faces challenging circumstances such as how to opt for renewable energy supplies in data centers, the cost of fiber optics, financing issues and so on.

DataCon SEA 2019 is committed to the development of data center in Southeast Asia. The 2-day summit will provide numerous engagement opportunities for participants, such as exhibitions, presentations, panel discussions, one-on-one business meetings and investor meet ups. During the summit, more than 100 participants, including senior management from data center, information technology, infrastructure, cloud computing, operation, technical divisions of telecommunication companies, financial institutions, large enterprises, and IDCs will gather and discuss the development status and future trends of data center, exchange infrastructure, energy saving, wiring, cooling, cloud services and other advanced technologies, so as to find the best partner in the market.

Hot Topics

  • Analysis on Data Center Situation of Southeast Asia
  • How Future Data Center Infrastructure Management Enhances Usability, Efficiency and Insight
  • Innovative Thinking of Intelligent Data Center Operation and Management
  • Data Center Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • How to Improve Operation Efficiency of Data Center through IT Architecture Implementation and Optimization
  • How to Build a Green and Energy-saving Data Center
  • Latest Development of DCIM Technologies
  • Influence of Chinese Cloud Service Providers on Construction Market and Future Prospect of Data Centers in Southeast Asia
  • Transformation of Data Centers in Southeast Asia Driven by Cloud Computing
  • Hybrid Cloud Applications and Data Centers
  • Discussion on Cloud and Data Center Strategy and Requirements of Southeast Asia Enterprises
  • How Edge Computing Promotes the Rise of Micro Data Centers
  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Data Center and Cloud Computing
  • Role of DevSecOps in Data Centers
  • Future Challenges for Operation and Maintenance Management of Enterprise Data Centers in Southeast Asia

The summit will be held on February 28th – March 1st. For more information, please visit

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