CSC unveils Australian Security Oprations Centre


CSC, a global leader in next-generation IT services and solutions, has announced the opening of a state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Sydney, Australia, in line with CSC’s global strategy to lead the market in Cybersecurity.

The new SOC, one of five around the world, will form a part of CSC’s global integrated network of SOCs, staffed by an international team of more than 700 specialists who efficiently deliver integrated, 24x7x365 Cybersecurity services.

To provide the most efficient and responsive levels of service, the centre in Sydney has been woven into CSC‘s global network of SOCs, enabling the company to detect global trends and provide global proactive protection for clients, while also delivering SOC services to the specific region.

“Security threats continue to evolve, making it incredibly challenging for organisations today to stay current, much less a step ahead unless Cybersecurity is a key focus of risk and budget. As attackers become more sophisticated and risks increase, no single organisation can counter today’s escalating risks on their own, therefore making it imperative to work with trusted experts,” said Seelan Nayagam, Vice President and General Manager for CSC in Australia.

“CSC has secured our customers’ most sensitive systems, networks and data for decades. The launch of a dedicated SOC in Sydney provides our clients in Australia with a robust and secure platform to conduct their business with ease and confidence, while CSC focuses on their security,” he added.

CSC’s SOC will deliver the most current Cybersecurity services including: advanced threat detection, application security testing, incident response, real-time situational awareness, security information and event management, network and host intrusion detection and prevention, technical compliance monitoring, vulnerability scanning and alerting, endpoint security management, managed encryption services, data loss prevention and forensic analysis and response.

In addition to leveraging CSC’s global capabilities, the Cyber specialists in the Australian SOC in Sydney will also provide local expertise; ensuring clients are in step with evolving regulations and mandates. Should an incident occur in a specific region, CSC can add resources from other parts of its global network and monitor for a threat’s spread to other parts of the world.

Samuel Visner, CSC’s global Cybersecurity Vice President and General Manager added, “New IT architectures require evolving Cybersecurity capabilities. In addition, cyber threats to our critical infrastructures require commercial and public sector organisations to innovate constantly. CSC’s global Cybersecurity delivery infrastructure is designed to confront new threats and to innovate new technologies and practices as they become available.”

CSC has more than 1,900 CSC Cybersecurity professionals who help secure the operations of more than 250 clients around the globe. CSC also works formally with standards organisations worldwide and with more than 15 global alliance partners, to safeguard their clients business and assets.


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