CCTV & Surveillance:MOBOTIX Unveils New Security ControlCenter Software and installs the Highest Webcam in the World on Mount Everest


MOBOTIX has unveiled a major update to MxControlCenter, its network video management platform. MxControlCenter 2.5 introduces new features, including; saved search profiles to make user defined common search queries a singleclick operation, unlimited users and groups rights management control with full action audit log, and video motion search on recorded footage to identify critical events quickly. Playback has been improved, putting common functions in user friendly locations. MxControlCenter 2.5 also improves initial system setup, allowing recording paths for multiple cameras to be configured in a single operation.

As part of the international climate and environmental monitoring conference ‘SHARE’ (Stations at High Altitude for Research on the Environment), the weather conditions on , the highest mountain in the world, will be documented using a type-M12 MOBOTIX camera. View live images from the “Everest Share 2011” research project at:


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