Avigilon adds intelligent video analytics to its expanding product portfolio


Video Surveillane_shutterstock_92358280Avigilon Corporation, a leading global provider of end-to-end security solutions, has announced the addition of the Rialto™ video analytics appliance family to its product portfolio.

The Rialto appliances provide real-time event detection and verification, enabling users to proactively identify any unusual activity that occurs in a monitored scene and take immediate action as necessary. Users can effectively lower costs and increase efficiencies, reduce on-site theft and vandalism, and provide real-time crime prevention to secure assets with this technology.

Following Avigilon’s recent acquisition of VideoIQ, Inc., this release marks the introduction of industry-leading video analytics to Avigilon’s end-to-end security solution. The patented Rialto technology, when combined with high-definition video imaging, will provide users with superior perimeter surveillance to help protect property, assets and personnel. The flexibility and ease of installation offers a cost effective way for companies to integrate video analytics into their current analog or IP video surveillance system.

“We are truly excited to be introducing the Rialto analytics appliances to address customers’ needs,” said Ian Povey, Avigilon’s director of product management and product marketing. “With a prominent team of analytics developers and a broad portfolio of intellectual property, we are readily integrating best-in-class video analytics technology into our award-winning, high-definition solutions.

Additionally, our global sales team is well positioned to take this leading-edge technology to market with our vast network of over 2,000 partners and resellers.”

The Rialto™ family of products is optimized by its “Teach-by-Example” functionality, which enables users to give feedback about the accuracy of various alarm events as they are generated. Rialto products are able to learn from this feedback and increase future accuracy, resulting in one of the lowest false alarm rates in the industry. This self-learning technology provides enhanced levels of protection, particularly suited for environments that require perimeter and intrusion theft protection, such as critical infrastructure and commercial installations Core features and benefits of the Rialto series include:

  • Self-learning analytics: Algorithm-based intelligence allows the system to recognize people and vehicles while ignoring irrelevant motion;
  • True object classification: The system classifies people and vehicles, while ignoring other objects that are unimportant to the scene;
  • High-definition analysis: Analysis of video up to 1080p resolution allows for more accurate identification of object features to help reduce false alarms;
  • Audio talk-down capabilities: Connects to external speakers for remote talkdown functionality to provide additional intrusion deterrence;
  • Instant notification: Real-time SMS or email notifications enhance on-site security and professional monitoring services;
  • Ease of installation: Plug-and-play setup means quicker installation and near-instant realization of the benefits of analytics technology;
  • Always-on technology: Video analytics are able to monitor an area 24/7, 365 days a year; and
  • Open platform: The system is designed to recognize third party analog and IP cameras.

The Products

The Rialto™ analytics appliances enable users to add intelligent video analytics and storage to their existing Avigilon or third-party video surveillance system. Rialto products are available in three models and are compatible with IP, analog or thermal cameras for maximum protection. For a full list of model features and benefits, please visit the analytics section of the Avigilon website.


Avigilon’s new Rialto™ analytics appliances are available immediately to all partners worldwide. For product pricing or ordering information, please contact Avigilon’s Customer Order Management team at orders@avigilon.com or find your local Avigilon sales representative.


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