Australia's National Safety and Security Planning succumbs to the ‘Pike Syndrome’


HSAPBy Roger Henning
Homeland Security Asia/Pacific

Australia’s security planners have succumbed to the ‘Pike Syndrome’; now requiring an urgent need for an immediate paradigm shift in problem solving – including the approach, thinking and deployment of available resources – by those charged with responsibility for National Security, in Australia, according to Homeland Security Asia/Pacific!

HSAP January 2014 recommendations, aimed at improving G20 security, by introducing enhanced mitigation strategies, to increase capabilities, by using all resources, were sent to all Ministers involved in planning security for the Summit.IMG_4386

Security was breached inside Parliament House, Canberra, on 31 August 2012, when a Russian protestor threw a letter at then PM Julia Gillard; recently at the White House and now the Parliament of Canada, has been forced into lockdown. All these facilities have a high security presence, but none use A1A methodology involving the training and empowerment of all staff from cleaners to advisors – the greatest asset at any work location – especially Houses of Parliament.

Fatal events in Canada this week, proved conclusively, reliance on ‘more of the same’ technology and an armed law enforcement presence, is not and never will be a total solution to threats posed by ‘lone wolf’ attackers – even if they are not radicalized Islamic extremists. The hits in Canada will encourage IS-inspired terrorists to launch attacks, in the knowledge soft targets are easy to penetrate and destroy, in Australia and worldwide.

Western nations, including Australia, are guilty of succumbing to the ‘Pike Syndrome’ locked into old methodology of problem solving and resource usage, when the need is for a holistic all-encompassing approach.

The ‘lone wolf’ threat will not be mitigated, until Governments are willing to look outside the square. HSAP has achieved this over the last six years by developing United Nations ICAO-compliant A1A, which is used to train and engage any work force on all designated “Places of Mass Gathering”, including Parliament House Canberra, the Lucas Heights nuclear facility, airports, seaports, rail and bus terminals, sports stadiums and key installations.

One of the softest high-yield targets in Australia would be any invitation-only VIP Airport Lounge, when full of Parliamentarians. Terrorists are not all ‘dickheads’ as described by a newly elected NSW Senator. Saudi born 9/11 attackers were highly educated, patient planners, disciplined and horrifyingly successful.


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