Are Your Employees Your Biggest Security Threat?


By Kema Rajandran, ASM.

It’s a busy life for Ms Helen Wattie as Director of Mi5 Security, yet she still seems to find the time to entertain, read, watch movies, indulge in wine and then work off those extra calories by playing on a soccer team.

Mi5 Security is a multi award winning company that provides wire free security solutions to protect and monitor assets around the world.

“We offer a unique range of wire-free, low power hardware and an industry changing management facility that allows images to be sent in real time, without the bandwidth limitations and risks of traditional solutions,” Ms Wattie said.

For those that aren’t too tech savvy, Mi5 Security’s wire free products basically empower people to easily control and manage their personal security through unique surveillance products.

“Almost four years ago, Mi5 introduced a camera hardware device that was really exciting because it allowed users to place a camera anywhere, and in 30-seconds or less, they have security or monitoring footage. For the first time, users do not require specialist knowledge and training to install monitoring and security devices.”

“The only issue was, you had to collect the footage from the camera, and if this was in a remote part of the bush, or a heavily trafficked area you don’t want to be seen monitoring, this issue becomes problematic.”

For the past few years, these devices were sold under the product name RedEye and proved to be quite popular with councils, enforcement agencies and the rural community.

A year ago, Mi5 Security launched another unique product, a software, cloud based solution that allows users to not only manage the remote camera hardware, but also view footage in realtime, from even the remotest location.

“The industry has never had portable, security grade camera’s with such incredibly low power consumption before. They have had to use separate, bulky power packs at best.”

What made this exciting, was that this was the first product that empowered the end-user to view, manage and act on monitoring and surveillance footage without expert input from a third party.

“We produced a low-bandwidth, cloud based facility to enable even the remotest sites to be viewed from anywhere in the world – a first in the industry. We are now actively selling into 12 International markets, with branches in NZ and Australia, distribution partners in three other major countries and we are about to enter the North American marketplace.”

The success of Mi5 Security can be traced back to the business model which was built to enable rapid expansion.

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