Anti-spit masks to help protect security professionals


PPSS Anti Spit MasksBy Robert Kaiser

Being spat on is not a pleasurable experience and can potentially cause infections and illnesses – it’s a very real threat in today’s society. Anti-spit masks can protect prison and police officers, as well as security professionals and paramedics from such a threat.

Unions representing the interest of security professionals in countries around the world have for some time raised serious concerns about the increasing number of spitting incidents, as being spat on has well known serious potential health risks – such as Hepatitis C and other infectious diseases.  It’s not just the victim that is affected but also the victim’s family, as tests and treatment for suspected contagious diseases can last for several months.

Police in New Zealand have reported difficulties in restraining drunk and drugged people and preventing them from hurting themselves, according to New Zealand police magazine Ten-One. A two-year safety review of 8,000 cases found nearly 10 percent of offenders had spat at officers, who had limited tools to deal with it.

The problem and reality are simple.  If an extremely volatile or intoxicated member of the public or prisoner is clearly physically aggressive, this person is most likely expressing his aggression by aiming to punch or kick you. However, as soon as this person is arrested or controlled and restrained in one form or another, this person has only limited options to continue expressing his aggression or hate.  Physically, there are only really two options left, aiming to head-butt you or to spit at you.

Anti-Spit Masks are the difference between staying safe or suffering from a potentially long lasting and severe illness. When confronted by a hostile or intoxicated member of the public, a combatant, prisoner or disturbed hospital patient, the protection from such threat is sensible.

These masks are already used by agencies and organisations around the world. They are extremely compact, easy to deploy, safe, disposable and individually packed. The device is to be slipped over the head of a combatant, prisoner or seriously intoxicated or aggressive member of the public following his arrest.

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