Announcement of the NCT CBRNe Awards Nominees


IB Consultancy is proud to announce the First Edition of the NCT CBRNe Awards which will be handed out the 24th of September at the NCT CBRNe Asia 2013 Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

The NCT CBRNe Awards have been broken down into 3 categories, each of them highlighting specific contributions to the CBRNe Community. The latter awards will be handed out by a distinguished Jury. In parallel, the NCT CBRNe Community Awards will be granted by the CBRNe Community itself. Do not miss the opportunity to cast your vote via before the 24th of September to elect the company or organisation that has, in your opinion, contributed the most to enhancing CBRN capabilities across the world.

NCT CBRNe Product Awards Nominees, for best product service or solution, are: the DxTerity Diagnostics’ REDI-Dx because “it permits fast analysis and treatment of victims on the basis of low-cost testing”; Kaercher’s TEP90 Decontamination System insofar as it “combines international state of the art in decontamination with proven end-user benefit”; TSI’s Mask Integrity Test Accessory (MITA) as it “enables the quick testing of respiratory equipment and therefore tackles one of the major challenges of PPE”.

NCT CBRNe Innovation Awards Nominees, for most innovative product service or research paper, are: the REWARD Project (Real Time Wide Area Radiation Surveillance System) in so much as it “enhances crucial capabilities in RN analysis, risk communication and surveillance in case of a radiation incidents”; the ECA Robotics’ Cameleon CBRN Robot since it’s “an innovative robotic solution in the field of CBRN response”; the CBRNe Deployable Hardened Shelter developed by STATIM Shelter System because the Jury views it as “a highly innovative, resistant and cost-efficient solution for troop protection in a CBRN environment.”

The NCT CBRNe Capability Awards Nominees, for the country or organisation having improved its capabilities or having had an impact on the capabilities of another country or organisation, are: the EU CBRN Risk Mitigation Initiative CoE for “having helped a lot of developing countries respond to major CBRN issues”; the US Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) for especially enhancing “CBRN research and defence capabilities in Asia”; The US’s Second Line of Defence on the grounds of‘’ its impressive results in RN material detection, deterrence and interdiction worldwide”.

NCT CBRNe Community Awards Nominees, after the preliminary vote, are: the Bruker RAID M100 Detector, chemical warfare and toxic industrial chemicals detector; the NBC Sys’ MEERKAT®, decontamination, reconnaissance and sampling vehicle; the European Framework Cooperation (EFC), joint EDA/EC programme designed the enhance civil military cooperation on CBRN research.

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