American Public Transportation Association


American Public Transportation Association has approved and published guidelines for the Selection of Cameras, Digital Recording Systems, Digital High-Speed Networks and Train lines for

Use in Transit-Related CCTV Systems. Its applicable worldwide and not just limited to transport and covers how light rail, heavy rail , bus and ferry passenger services should use CCTV including minimum resolution, frame rates and if you use compression, latency and systems architectures to allow for use by courts. Mr. Dave Gorshkov CEng, FIET.

Chair Communications Sub Committee and APTA TSWG1 (CCTV and Video Analytics standard advised the working group website is available for those interested in following the development of the VCA standard. The Committee is also looking at an addendum for new IP and HDCCTV cameras to be added to the document, as well as PSIMs software standards for use in control rooms. Downloads are all free and can be used as needed, as long as they are credited to the committee.


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