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AirLive LogoVideo Surveillance has grown increasingly popular around the word. Video surveillance has extended from office environments to production environments, from indoor to outdoor, and from local to remote. Due to those changes, video surveillance network has to adapt to multiple access scenarios and even to harsh environments.

With the development of technology and the industry trend, WLAN can provide wireless video surveillance access to commercial buildings and office environments and can use to implement remote video surveillance at long distances for places where routing cables is inconvenient.

As born as a network-expert, AirLive provides AirMax 5X (5GHz High Throughput Outdoor CPE with PoE Pass through) to fulfill the bandwidth demands of video surveillance. Furthermore, its network resources can even be shared with other services to reduce deployment costs.

Wireless Surveillance Network Topology










Wireless Surveillance Network Solution








Long Distance & High Speed Transmission (10km & 300Mbps)

With the integrated directional 2T2R 14dBi 5GHz MIMO antenna and high output power AirMax5X/5X-20 signals can be transmitted to a long distance 10km /20km. The high transmission power and high gain provides longer distance and better signal; according to the field test, the throughput can be up to 77Mbps at 10km.

PoE Pass-through

With its built-in advanced 48V Power over Ethernet for one IPCAM or another AirMax 5X eases the deployment and reaches the green environment standard by less cabling and no extra power source needed.







Multiple Operation Modes

AirMax 5X can function as an AP, WDS Station, WDS + AP, Client infrastructure, WISP Router or AP Router.

Bandwidth Management

AirMax 5X provides the capabilities to control user’s bandwidth and can define varies classes of connection speed for different subscription, ensuring the data and video transmission smoothly.

Suitable applications: Business Campus, School Campus, Government Park, Port/Harbor, Commercial Building, Stadium, Business Hotel, Gas pipeline, Highway, Coastal defense area, Safe City, Road Monitoring, Public security, Substation, Nationwide prison, management system.

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